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Antioxidant Oral Gel

Tooth to Tail Antioxidant Oral Gel is the safe, natural and healthy way to keep your pet's breath clean and fresh every day. No fingers in your pet’s mouth. A lick a day keeps bad breath away.
20 ml


Our all-natural Antioxidant Oral Gel is clinically proven to improve bad breath in pets. Powerful antioxidants and other natural ingredients work in concert with natural salivary antioxidants, so one lick a day by your pet is all that is needed. No brushing and no fingers in your pet’s mouth. Most pets will lick the gel off of the applicator, but for picky pets, the needle-nosed tube makes it easy to apply the gel directly into his or her mouth. It’s quick and easy.

Antioxidant Oral Gel contains NO alcohol, xylitol, glycols, or colorants which may be harmful to your pet.


Polyphenolic antioxidants adhere to oral tissues for a longer
protective effect.

A powerful polyphenol antioxidant found in apples. It neutralizes free radicals very effectively and, additionally, displays activity in other areas such as inflammation and chelating potentially harmful metals.

Ferulic Acid
Another polyphenol from a different subcategory than Phloretin. It is found in almost all plants and is especially abundant in the bran of grasses such as wheat and rye. Powerful on its own, it is known to support the activity of other antioxidants.

Other Ingredients

Tired of chemical antimicrobials? This one is a polymer of the amino acid lysine and works against a broad spectrum of compounds, including some that can cause bad breath.

The tried and true deodorizer! Used in oral care to freshen breath, and even in medicine against internal odors .

Menthol, Thymol
Two powerhouses extracted from the mint and thyme plant respectively. Both have been shown to support a strong antiseptic activity.


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